Kiel, May 4th, 2014 – The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes are back on the European stage after three years. They have won their first game in the EFL 2014 against the Cologne Falcons on Saturday at Kilia Stadium in Kiel. 1.932 football fans watched as the Hurricanes went off to an early lead and later won 40:27 (20:0/20:19/0:8/0:0) over the Falcons.

“We really only played one half the way we should have – we need to get better!” said Hurricanes head coach Patrick Esume after the game, which was just the second game overall for the Canes this season. Still, the win puts the Hurricanes on top of group B of the European Football League for now.

Kiel started out strong and put 40 points on the board in the first half of the game. Quarterback Nick Lamaison threw five touchdown passes. The first one was carried into Cologne’s endzone by receiver Garrett Andrews. Julian Dohrendorf kicked the PAT for the 7:0 lead. Whereas the Hurricanes’ defense stopped the Falcons’ drives in the first quarter, Kiel’s offense kept on scoring. Collins Salau was next to reach Cologne’s endzone. The young running back filled in for Jermaine Allen, who was attending a wedding at home in England, and delivered a solid game with 143 yards on 22 carries. Julian Dohrendorf missed on the extrapoint but made up for it by scoring the next touchdown and nailing the PAT for the 20:0 lead.

Garrett Andrews caught Lamaison’s next touchdown pass in the beginning of the second quarter. But now the Falcons were starting to find a rhythm and quarterback Robert Demers surprised Kiel’s defense with a 67-yard pass to Olaf Fries for their first score. However, the Canes delivered a quick reply in the form of a touchdown by tight end Harry Innis. But the fans at Kilia Stadium should see three more scores before halftime. First, Falcons quarterback Demers ran for seven yards himself to make the score a 33:13. Then, Lamaison again connected with Julian Dohrendorf, this time on a 61-yard touchdown pass. Shortly after that Robert Demers managed to overcome Kiel’s defense with another long throw. This time Alexander Tounkara-Kone caught a 55-yard pass for the 40:19 halftime score.

The second half should only see one more score although the Hurricanes attempted a fieldgoal and defensive backs Jan Abrahamsen and Jens Knobloch intercepted two passes by Cologne. But Kiel was unable to score again. The only touchdown in the second half came in the third quarter when Falcons running back Steven Strother, who showed strong runs throughout the game, ran for 49 yards into Kiel’s endzone. Quarterback Demers subsequently found Olaf Fries with a short pass for the two-point conversion which set the final score to 40:27.

On June 15, the Falcons will host the Duesseldorf Panther for the next game of the EFL’s group B and on June 29 the Hurricanes travel to Duesseldorf.

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes – Cologne Falcons
1. Qtr
7:0 #80 Garrett Andrews, 49-Yard Pass #3 Nick Lamaison, PAT #82 Julian Dohrendorf
13:0 #28 Collins Salau, 21-Yard Run, PAT failed
20:0 #82 Julian Dohrendorf, 24-Yard Pass #3 Nick Lamaison, PAT #82 Julian Dohrendorf
2. Qtr
27:0 #80 Garrett Andrews, 15-Yard Pass #3 Nick Lamaison, PAT #82 Julian Dohrendorf
27:7 #85 Olaf Fries, 67-Yard Pass #14 Robert Demers, PAT #26 Lukas Moersch
33:7 #81 Harry Innis, 16-Yard Pass #3 Nick Lamaison, PAT failed
33:13 #14 Robert Demers, 7-Yard Run, PAT failed
40:13 #82 Julian Dohrendorf, 61-Yard Pass #3 Nick Lamaison, PAT #82 Julian Dohrendorf
40:19 #83 Alexander Tounkara-Kone, 55-Yard Pass #14 Robert Demers, PAT failed
3. Qtr
40:27 #20 Steven Strother, 49-Yard Run, 2-PC #85 Olaf Fries, Pass #14 Robert Demers
4. Qtr

Julian Dohrendorf (22), Collins Salau (6), Harry Innis (6), Garrett Andrews (6)

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