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Kiel, July 20th, 2014 – The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes have won the EFL Bowl I against the Spanish champion Badalona Dracs with 40:0. 2,104 football fans at Kilia Stadium witnessed the Canes win their first European title. Receiver Garrett Andrews scored three touchdowns and was named game MVP.

“I am very proud of our team and we want to take the energy from this win as fuel for the rest of the GFL season”, said quarterback Nick Lamaison, who threw four touchdown passes, amidst fireworks and confetti.

Volvo dealer HUGO PFOHE presented the EFL Bowl, which kicked off with a helicopter delivering the game ball to the stadium to be handed to the international crew of referees by a Canes’ fan. Afterwards, navy personnel from the Seebataillon Eckernförde carried the trophy into the stadium. Together with cheerleaders and the Spanish, German and European flag, the stage was set for the two teams to enter the stadium. After the two national anthems performed by Ute Schönherr, WBA heavyweight box World Champion Ruslan Chagaev conducted the coin toss.

The Hurricanes had a strong start into the game. Quarterback Nick Lamaison found his receiver Garrett Andrews with a 57-yard pass in the first play of the game for the first score. After a quarterback sack by Christopher Cauvet, Lamaison and Andrews did not take long to strike again for the 12:0 lead. Afterwards, Kiel’s defense is able to stop the Dracs on a 4th down and shortly thereafter it is receiver Philipp Schulz, who carries a 55-yard pass by Lamaison into the endzone. Nassim Amroun kicked the extra point to make it 19:0 by the end of the first quarter. After Josh Hartigan stopped the Dracs with a quarterback sack, Garrett Andrews delivered his third score of the day. Linebacker Jaques Huke then caught an interception that gave the Hurricanes the ball back and Running Back Collins Salau thanked him by scoring his first touchdown soon afterwards. After the extra point kicked by Nassim Amroun the Canes were up by 33:0 by halftime.

After a quarterback sack by Marcos Ivan Carmona Villegas in the third quarter, the Hurricanes tried for a fieldgoal but missed. However, the Dracs are forced to punt afterwards, whereas the Hurricanes score again by Collins Salau’s second touchdown. Amroun kicked for the 40:0. The Dracs were able to catch an interception in the fourth quarter, but were not able to capitalize on it. Therefore, the Baltic Hurricanes won their first international title. Head coach Patrick Esume received the trophy from AFVD official Jan Bublitz.

photos of EFL Bowl I

statistics of EFL Bowl I

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes – Badalona Dracs
1. Qtr
6:0 #80 Garrett Andrews , 57-Yard Pass #7 Nick Lamaison, 2-Point-Conversion not good
12:0 #80 Garrett Andrews, 10-Yard Pass #7 Nick Lamaison, 2-Point-Conversion not good
19:0 #88 Philipp Schulz, 55-Yard Pass #7 Nick Lamaison, PAT #83 Nassim Amroun good
26:0 #80 Garrett Andrews, 42-Yard Run, PAT #83 Nassim Amroun good
33:0 #28 Collins Salau, 1-Yard Run, PAT #83 Nassim Amroun good
40:0 #28 Collins Salau, 8-Yard Run, PAT #83 Nassim Amroun good

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